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Updated: 12/1/2020
Unknown Story

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  • but how did they do that?????
  • you know, people didn't always get there food from stores and they didn't always do things the way we do!
  • lemme show you! (uses time travel powers)
  • back in thenew stone age people built farms and they grew crops and they ate animals too ofc. but they also used the animals to help them work on there farm!!
  • cool must have been a lot of work to do!
  • here is what there houses used to look like in the new stone age! they were made with stone and sticks and ladders and many more! they were quite small but eligable! in the old stone age they had to live in rocky caves and constanly switch caves bc of hunting
  • life seems hard in the old and new stone age!
  • and finnaly they had jobs in the new stone age aswell some jobs they had were trading as you see here, farming building and more in the old stone age there main job was to survive and get food!
  • what a difference..
  • know you know all about the new and old stone age! cool right?
  • wow, im hungry after that lets get lunch!
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