science project
Updated: 3/12/2020
science project

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, I am Earth, Is it getting hot in here?Aaaaaghhh Astroids!!!!!!!!!
  • This is the Precambrian Era
  • This is the Paleozoic Era
  • BBBrrrr, It's getting cold in hereMy spot is called Rodinia, a super continent
  • Yo, I'm Earth's moon, I am new to the area, can you send me friends?
  • Roar, Welcome to The Mesozoic Era where dinosaurs rule the world, not adam and eve. Mwah ha ha haaaah!!!
  • Ahh, finally a era off, What the heck is that???
  • Hump Day
  • Welcome to the Cenozoic Era, Where mammals are created. We got animals from the Cambrian explosion
  • Chopstick and Wasabi here, Woof woof
  • Who you callin' Chicken?
  • And here we are, 2020 where futuristic is not.
  • I am Mr. McKeon, I LOVE Science and my dogs.
  • I am an Eon, i am 1 billion years old,
  • I am the biggest unit of time
  • I am a period, I am ten million years old
  • I am the second most commonly used unit of time
  • I am the most commonly used unit of time
  • I am the smallest unit of time
  • I am an Era, I am one hundred million years old
  • Yo, I am an Epoch, I am three million years old