Updated: 12/12/2019
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  • Hello, Welcome to Virginia! Let me give you a grand tour! Let's start with the houses!
  • Thank you!
  • Welcome To VIRGINIA!
  • Right here is one of our best houses! The people in Virginia are plantation workers so they have their houses near grassy fields. Inside this house there are 3 bedrooms, a dining table, chairs, and a little cushion for you to sit on!
  • That's a very nice house and I've always wanted to be a farmer!
  • Oh I forgot to tell you that this house comes with a closet full of clothes! The clothes are mostly frocks. Both men and women wear frocks. What I am wearing right now is considered a fancy frock. it is getting bit dark, so we will continue the tour tomorrow. Goodbye!
  • I don't really know if I want to wear frocks, but let me think about it.
  • Yesterday we toured the town, today we will tour outside of town. The people in Virginia are farmers. They are cotton, tobacco, and indigo farmers. These are the cash crops.They wake up and go to their fields for harvest. Their children usually help them. There life is based on farming.This is a cotton field.
  • The Next Day...
  • The children in Virginia are home schooled or they go to a one-room school. Some boys become apprentices to learn a certain skill or trade. This is one of the schools.
  • If I have children one day I will probably send them to school. I'm not that good at home schooling children.
  • Now that we are on the topic of school we should probably talk about play. The children in Virginia play card games, chess, hopscotch, leapfrog, blind man's bluff, and hide and seek. They also have dolls and musical instruments. Dancing is very popular in Virginia, even the adults take part in dancing.
  • Oops... I almost forgot how much time has passed. I think the grand tour is over! I hope you move to Virginia!
  • I really like dancing and I think living in Virginia is going to be fun!
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