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Updated: 5/9/2019
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  • Florida: No Deal!
  • Florida
  • Americans want to take over Florida
  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lets take over Florida!!!!!!!!
  • YAY!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO GET LAND!!!!!
  • Yea lets go take it!!!!
  • Monroe sends Jackson
  • Come on Jackson lets go
  • Ok. Lets role Monroe.
  • Lets go boys. Lets go to capture Spainish.
  • Spain had colonized Florida in the late 1500s. Also in 1804, Jefferson sent two diplomats to Spain to buy Florida, but Spain's answer was no deal. Another thing is by the 1800s,Florida had a diverse population of Seminole Indians, Spanish colonists, English Traders, and run away slaves.
  • Jackson Illegal Invasion
  • Many white Americans in the Southwest wanted the United States to go take over Florida. Another reason is slave owners in Georgia were angry because slaves sometimes ran away to Florida, where some of them were welcome by Seminole Indians. Also Spain's control of Florida weakened over the next few years, its government could do nothing g to stop the raids on farms in Georgia by Seminoles and ex-slaves.
  • Monroes Cabinet
  • In the 1818, President James Monroe sent Andrew Jackson the hero of the battle of New Orleans to Georgia with orders to end the raids. Also Jackson was told that he could chase raiding Seminoles into Florida. Another thing is Jackson didn't want to invade the Spanish colony.
  • Florida becomes a State
  • Jackson marched into 1,700 troops. Also over the next few weeks, Jackson captured Spanish military posts and arrested,tried, and executed two British subjects for stirring up Indians attacks. The last thing is Jackson replaced the Spanish governor with an American.
  • All but on Monroes cabinet members advised him to remove Jackson and apologized to Spain. Also equally fearful of war, Spain decided to get out
  • Monroes Cabinet
  • In the 1819, the Spanish government agreed to yield Florida to the United Sates. Also in exchange, the United States agreed to pay off $5 million in settlers claims aganist Spain.
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