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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/10/2019
Unknown Story
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  • I believe that matter is made up of small objects called atomos.
  • I disagree with Democritus and I believe atomos are made up of the 4 elements.
  • Aristotle
  • John Dalton
  • I agree that atoms can be divided, created, or destroyed but I believe atoms are bunched up in a circle.
  • J.J. Thompson
  • Since I just discovered opposites attract I believe that Atoms are made up of negative charge called electrons but the circle they are in is positive.
  • Ernest Rutherford
  • my gold foil experiment tell's me that likes repel but their are also one other substance in an atom called a proton which is a positive charge which is inside of a nucleus.
  • Well there is also something else in a nucleus that has a neutral charge called a neutron.
  • James Chadwick
  • Niels Bohr
  • I have discovered that electrons are not in the nucleus with the neutron and the proton but makes a circular orbit around the nucleus.
  • Bohr's atomic model
  • My discovery has proved that there are slow electrons near the nucleus and fast moving electrons farther away from the nucleus.
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