Unknown Story

Updated: 5/21/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The start
  • good bye
  • The Mionator
  • I killed the minotaur
  • The bery piking
  • I was tricked
  • The king minos always attack Athens. so the king minos made a deal with the king of Athens he said I will stop attacking Athens. if every 9 years you will feed 9 boys and girl to be eaten by the minotaur. the minotaur is man eating monster! that lived in a maze so the prince of Athens wanted to kill the man eating monster!
  • The beatrail
  • So then the prince of Athens arrive in the dark wet maze he wondered around for a bit and then he face to bull with the...........MINOTAUR!!!! it took a bit to get a grip on the animal but with one slip cut the minotaur was DAED the person who gave him the sword was a girl that liked him very much gave him the sword
  • When the king was sad
  • Then the prince of Athens got the out fo the maze the girl who helped the prince was waiting by the door fo the maze when he was about to leave the girl said wait! can I come with you I can not bear living here so they went on the boat the princec told the girl to go the island to get bred and frirt
  • When the king jumped of the cliff
  • Than he qikely he. sailed the boat the over way and sailed of to the island and then he forget to change the..................sail! and he promest that if he id it then he would change the sail to white
  • Then the king saw the black sail he burst into tears he was so sad that he
  • I am sorry son
  • Jumped off the clith! and his son was king but he was not so happy about that thou.