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Updated: 5/28/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Well lovely diary, I am going to call you Kitty, now.
  • Margot Frank 
  • call up paper
  • Anne Frank is a thirteen-year-old Jewish girl living in Holland in WWII. Her parents give her a diary for her birthday and she writes all of her thoughts and experiences in letters to her friend, "Kitty."
  • Happy Birthday!!!
  • On the day after Anne's birthday, Anne's sister, Margot received the call-up paper from the concentration camp.
  • The Frank's family decide to hasten their plan to go into hiding, and finally hide into a secret annexe at the back of his father's company.
  • How long have you hided for??!!
  • The secret annexe is cramped with eight people in it. They have very limited supplies, must stay very quiet during the day. And a year passed...
  • Anne continues wrote the diary about different stories between she and her family.
  • But at the last, their hiding place has been discovered! The Dutch police come to the secret annex and take them all away in.