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Updated: 11/2/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Galileo
  • Newton
  • The three
  • laws of motion
  • d
  • He was Born in Pisa Tuscany. He got educated at Vallombrosa. He made the Telescope, And showed us that the earth isn’t completely round.
  • Copernicus
  • He was born in England. He went to Trinity College. The three laws of motion. And showed that light has colors
  • Conflicts With The Church
  • a
  • He was born in london. He went to University of Cambridge. Create first practical hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells. And graduate at eton Collage
  • Impacts on the world today
  • He was born in PolishHe went to Jagiellonian University. He told us that the earth orbits around the sun. Not only did he say the earth orbited around the sun but the other planets too.
  • The Church disagreed with the scientist no matter how much evidence
  • They helped us understand our solar system and how we look at it today.