Updated: 8/28/2020

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project school boring

Storyboard Text

  • If you were to ask every kid and teacher to make a list of every very bad, very good, and very smart students, Nick Allen would be on none of them. Everyone knew he deserved his own list. He had a lot of ideas. Was he a troublemaker? Hard to tell.
  • His teacher, Mrs. Granger, was obsessed with the dictionary. She always told students to use the dictionary, and spelling lists were insanely long (up to 35 words average.)
  • Nick is known for sidetracking a teacher to delay or wipe out the homework assignment. When he used it on Mrs. Granger, it backfired and he had to do an oral report.
  • The report was about the origin of dictionaries.
  • After the report, he was inspired to make a new word. Who said pen had to be called pen? Just call it a frindle. He decided that lunch would be the perfect time to launch a new word.
  • She decided to talk with Nick to get him to stop using the word. Nick said his friends and him had made an oath to always use the word. Mrs. Granger expected this..
  • The kids loved the new word. The teachers saw it as a giant disruption. Mrs. Granger gave out punishments to those who used the word Frindle.
  • The battle had begun.
  • The Westfield Gassete was the local newspaper buisness. Judy Morgan interviewed Nick about the frindle. Nick became a local celebrity.
  • It said to turn to a page in the dictionary. Frindle had become a REAL word. There was also Mrs. Granger's favorite pen with a note saying, "Frindle."Nick went and bought a beautiful gold fountain pen. He also engraved, "This object belongs to Mrs. Lorelei Granger, and she may call it whatever she wants." He then sent it to Mrs. Granger. The end.
  • The word was spreading across the world. Bud Lawrence made shirts, pens, baseball caps, and more with the word "frindle" on them. They also set up a trust fund. When Nick reached college, he owned the buisness. He was very rich. Eventually, Mrs. Granger gave him a letter and a dictionary.