Updated: 6/19/2020

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  • Wait is that? No way. that is Ameila Harrison. She looks so different. She looks amazing.
  • Lol so I told him we have to break up and meet other people.
  • LOL.
  • Dude why do you always keep on starring at her she isnt going to notice you.
  • so I heard about the break up.
  • Ugh her smile is so beautiful. How come I didn't know who she was before? Im so dumb.
  • Though she did change a lot after third grade she did get cuter actually. Her hair did get longer.
  • Pg 87: "Even though we'd been in school together since the third grade, I never noticed Amelia Harris until one humid afternoon in Mr. Kirks seventh grade English class."
  • I really like Amelia Harrison I don't know what to do about it any advice?
  • Pg 88: "From then on, she became a tangible presence in my life whenever she entered the room I was aware of her, even if I wasn't looking directly at her."
  • I still don't have the girl I want but Chen gets one ?
  • I love you too.
  • Pg 88: I would lie awake at night analyzing my feelings for her. She wasn't exceptionally beautiful and she spoke with a slight lisp."
  • wanna hang out sometime?
  • Pg 89:" I pondered these things for a full month before telling Wei-chen. "
  • No man I've got nothing.
  • Pg 89: "Weeks later Wei-chen started dating suzy nakamura."
  • You are so cute I love you so much.
  • yes.
  • Pg 105: "I remember a jolt of confidence. A stilled question. And a word from her lips that kept me warm for the rest of the night."