All Hands on Deck
Updated: 2/25/2020
All Hands on Deck

Storyboard Description

By: Dhruv Singhal

Storyboard Text

  • Masta Terriba Space System, 21:18
  • John Hopkins, Deck A., 21:19
  • There is an engine failure in the boiler room! We must hurry, or we will be engulfed in the sun's flaming gases!
  • What?? We must hurry! Or we are doomed!
  • John Hopkins, Deck B. Level 3, 21:21
  • If we can pull this lever...I want to do! No I want to do it!
  • The space-ship heads through a massacre of asteroids, fixed in its path of destruction. Within minutes, its fate may be decided- Ka-BOOM!
  • John Hopkins, Deck B. Level 3, 21:23
  • A frightened Frankie rushes to Scleros and quickly explains the problem.
  • Earth Orbit
  • Frankie and Scleros attempt to pull the lever that can put their space-ship trajectory back on track. However, due to uncoordination, neither one of them is successful.
  • Earth
  • Not giving up, they decide to combine their strength. In a flash, they correct the engine failure!
  • With a proper engine boost, the space-ship is now on the correct path to Earth.
  • Due to cooperation and coordination, Frankie and Scleros manage a safe landing on Earth.
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