Maniac Magee Vocabulary Terms Spider Map

Maniac Magee Vocabulary Terms Spider Map
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Maniac Magee, a novel by Jerry Spinelli, is about Jeffrey “Maniac” Magee, a boy who becomes an orphan when his parents die in a trolley accident. Maniac becomes a legend in Two Mills, a town with an East End for blacks and a West End for whites. Without a place to call home, Maniac bridges racial boundaries with his super athleticism, knot-tying abilities, and overall good character.

Maniac Magee

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  • v. fasten together or pierce with a pin or other sharp object.The kid wondered if Maniac would be skewered like a marshmallow with Finsterwald's cane.
  • n. wild and noisy disorder or confusion.Cobble's Corner turned into pandemonium when Maniac untied the knot.
  • v. join together smoothly or preciselyManiac and Mars Bar dovetailed at an intersection and began running together.
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