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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/18/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The tension between the continental plate on which I sat and the other convergent continental plate was growing. Soon enough, the tension released itself through plate movement, and the two collided, thrusting crust and other material upward to form mountains. I was one of the unlucky ones- or so I thought-, becoming buried deep in the Earth's crust.
  • I had fallen so far that I was subjected to intense heat and pressure because of the weight of the rock above me and the proximity of the Earth's interior. Many other rocks befell the same fate in the natural event of regional metamorphism. Unlike them, I had experience with heat due to my time as magma, but I was still alarmed by this new development.
  • With sustained heating, I metamorphosed into a gneiss rock!
  • I slowly realized what I had become- a metamorphic rock. I had foliation along my side, which are layers or bands of color, and large crystals. I was relatively coarse grained but smoother than I had been as a sedimentary rock.
  • Maybe this isn't so bad after suffering that heat as a sedimentary rock for 5 million years.
  • I waited yet again for 20 million years, passing the time accordingly...
  • The heating began to increase again, reducing me to magma. I felt like I had come full circle for some reason.
  • Just as quickly as I had liquified, I cooled again, solidifying into more viscous magma and surging upward.
  • In a short time, I erupted from a different volcano, transforming to lava immediately. As I cooled, I realized that I was a glassy, deep black color again. It had been millions of years since I had last seen myself in igneous form. I had missed it so much that I didn't even mind the weathering this time around.
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