Esio Trot
Updated: 10/24/2018
Esio Trot
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  • Mr Hoppy lived in the apartment above from Mrs Silver who he liked very much. There was just one problem, Mrs silver loved her pet turtle alfie more than anyone!
  • Hi Mrs Silver you're looking great today! And Alfie's also looking absolutely swell.
  • Hi Mr Hoppy you're looking very nice too!
  • Mrs Silver would do anything to make alfie bigger... and this was Mr Hoppys chance to shine.
  • I'm sorry I'm not bigger.
  • I have something to make little Alfie grow very big!
  • If i were to make alfie bigger would you marry me?
  • Anything?
  • Oh Alfie i would do anything to make you bigger.
  • I would definitely marry you!
  • Anything!
  • Esio trot, esio trot, teg reggib, reggib! emoc no, esio trot, worg pu, ffup pu, toohs pu! gnirps pu, wolb pu, llews pu! egrog! elzzug! ffuts! plug! tup no taf, esio trot, tup no taf! teg no, teg no! elbbog doof!
  • Read this out to Alfie backwards and he'll grow bigger in an instant!
  • I'll go to the pet shop and choose a turtle that looks just like little alfie but much bigger!
  • I have to go out for a while alfie but i'll be back later.
  • Meanwhile...
  • Hello, i would like to see your selection of turtles.
  • I've finally found a way to win Mrs Silvers heart!
  • Sure thing, come this way.
  • These are the turtles we have.
  • Ooo this one looks just like alfie. I'll take it!
  • Oh alfie you've grown! I must tell Mr Hoppy right away!
  • A few months later...
  • Mr Hoppy and Mrs Silver were happily married and Mrs Silver never noticed that alfie had been replaced. Alfie was sent back to the pet shop were a loving family took him in and cared for him.
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