Lesson Before Dying

Lesson  Before Dying

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  • I got the heavier end...I don't want to pull it on that wagon again. 
  • Show me those grits you had this morning, I got my end up. 
  • Okay fine, I will not punish you for the window, but I will punish you for your grammar. It is "you were" not "you was". 
  • The first one to look out that window can spend an hour inside, this is class. 
  • Mr. Wiggins you was looking out that window too I seen you out of the corner of your eye, just like me.
  • Happy to be at your service. There is some wood out there that the older boys can chop up. Call before you run out, there will be another load coming. 
  • Thank you Mr. Louis. I appreciate it and so do the children. The boys will start chopping as soon as break starts. 
  • A week after the superintendent visited the school, two older men delivered the first load of wood for the winter.
  • Alright class, you boys have to go chop up the wood, so you will be able to be let out early. I want you all back here by twelve thirty sharp. 
  • Why do we have to be inside studying while the older boys get to be outside having fun? That's not fair.
  • After the wood was delivered students became distracted and would be punished for looking outside. 
  • Will this vicious circle ever end? Can I do anything to stop this? Am I even doing anything? 
  • Mr. Louis knocked on the classroom door to inform Grant about the pile of wood and axes. 
  • There is no other chance, but to run. Run away from this town before it is too late. There is no freedom here.
  • Grant you need to take what I have taught you and go. You will not be like the others. 
  • The older boys of the classroom were let out early to chop the wood while Grant stood by the fence. 
  • Grant thought to himself about if he was teaching the children enough or if they would turn out like their ancestors. 
  • These boys are fifty years younger and are doing the same exact thing as their ancestors. I am not doing my job as a teacher. 
  • Grant had a flashback of his professor warning him to run away before it was too late. 
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