Alas Babylon Storyboard
Updated: 8/24/2018
Alas Babylon Storyboard
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  • At this point Bill seemed very depressed and said that he couldn't feed his daughter, himself, or even bury his wife. he said he wasn't much of a success
  • Bill didn't want to start over his Central Tool/Plate because he spent his whole life building it up. And since it's junk, he is convinced that he's also junk. Randy basically tells Bill to man up and start over because it's either that or die.
  • Bill's daughter wants to give her mother the proper funeral by taking her to the Cemetery. Randy does't gee because it's to far of a travel. He thinks they should bury her at their current location, on the grounds.
  • They decided to bury Lavinia (Bill's wife) on the grounds, Bill was digging for a long period of time and his daughter started to worry because of his blood pressure issue. she didn't want to lose i so she started digging herself.
  • After they buried her, they noticed they didn't even have a wooden marker or silver stone to mark where Lavinia has been buried so they could remember her. Randy said they should go back and get "a statue or vase or something" but Lb didn't find that necessary because he said "the house is is mother's monument.
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