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Destroying COVID-19
Updated: 3/26/2020
Destroying COVID-19
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  • We have some great news John! We are going on a trip to Italy next week.
  • Sounds great
  • I'm so exited, this trip is going to be a memory I will never forget.
  • A few weeks later....
  • John and his family roam the streets of Italy. (loud crowds)
  • John and his parents head to the airport.
  • Mystery man infects john with virus
  • (Honking)
  • John and his family are on their way to Italy.
  • John and his family arrive in Italy.
  • Of course mom, no problem.
  • John, we are going to need you to be on your best behavior son.
  • Later on during the day...
  • John Starts feeling sick and developing heavy symptoms.
  • His parents begin to worry and start to panic
  • John is rushed to the hospital.
  • I'm sorry to inform you your son has a new virus known as COVID-19.
  • Doctor asks parents if they can speak privately.
  • Doctors inform john's parents that there is no cure and he will most likely not survive.
  • I must find a cure to save my son.
  • Dad overhears people talking about how an evil scientist has the cure!
  • I must find this evil scientist they speak of.
  • The father begins his journey to find the evil scientist and save his sons life.
  • The father finally finds the scientists and demands the cure to virus COVID-19.
  • The evil scientist laughs in the fathers face and reveals that he is never giving up the cure.
  • The father takes actions into his own hands and kills the evil scientist, stealing the cure.
  • The father presents the doctors with the cure to save John.
  • John is given the cure.
  • John was instantly cured
  • The father is greeted by the president of Italy for saving millions of lives.
  • John and his family decide it's time to head back home.
  • They head back home and live happily ever after.
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