Unknown Story
Updated: 2/18/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Once upon a time, a group of pirate rabbitsset out to sea searching for ancient treasure called the sacred carrot.
  • On the way to the treasure a group of evil puppies attacked the rabbit ship, sending them the opposite way. It was a good fight and the rabbits were losing so Captain Rabbit took lead and activated the puppies anchor so they could escape.
  • After two days of sailing, the rabbits were hungry and tired. They saw land ahead and decide to check it out. There was a cave, so Captain Rabbit had to check it out. He went in and found the sacred carrot! Alas the carrot was found! So he took it and all of a sudden the cave shook.
  • Captain Rabbit quickly hopped with the carrot out of the cave before it closed in on him. Something seemed off when he grabbed the carrot but he didn't think anything of it.
  • A few days later the rest of the crew wasn't doing well. Something bad was happening. Stealing the sacred carrot activated a curse that only Captain Rabbit had. He had to watch his crew one by one get lost at sea. Unfortunately Captain Rabbit was the only one left. He begged for the curse to stop but that wasn't his only punishment. Captain Rabbit was sick at sea for 3 days, stranded all alone.
  • After being stranded for 3 days Captain Rabbit thought it was over for him. He looked off in the distance and saw something sparkle. He couldn't believe his eyes, it was his rescuer. A cat goddess, she healed him from his sickness and sent him on his way home. Captain Rabbit had suffered his consequence. Now he will be sent home in full health. THE END.
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