Updated: 11/27/2020
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  • İn The Home
  • Hi Lis! Are you free? We need to talk.
  • İn The Home
  • Hi Jen! Yes ı'm free and ı want to say say something too. 14:00 OK Byee
  • İn The Cafe
  • No! I just want to talk you!
  • Ok. Calm down. Now ı want talk you as a good Jen look at me you have really beatiful voice.
  • Are you OK?
  • YG
  • LİSA
  • So What About Jennie?
  • And Lisa continues to tell, “I think we'll go somewhere together, maybe they'll accept and notice us. Please! '' Jennie reluctantly agrees and applies to many places.
  • Yes, as you understand, they called and they would go no matter what. Lisa called Jennie right away and told her about it. So what did Jennie say?
  • Hi! Whatt? Are you YG? OMG Okay Yes Tomorrow? Ok we'll be there! Jennie iiii don't worry she'll be there too!
  • Jennie was walking absently, bored. Then suddenly her phone rang, it was Lisa calling, they talked for a long time. Let's see how they talk!
  • Yes Lis! What? Oh good. Whatt? No ı can't. I'm really bad, you know allready. What did you promise them? Off OK.
  • Finally, Jennie decided to go and they went and met and formed a group "JENLİSA", they traveled to many countries, became famous and finally gave a concert, let's see!
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