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Updated: 1/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Is that a mermaid?? Who is she talking to?
  • Oh no! The water is evaporating! That darn sun! If the sun's heat is hot enough then it can actually make the ocean water evaporate!
  • The water droplets that evaporated rises and soon Condenses. It then forms into a cloud. Millions of water droplets go into the cloud!
  • Ugh I have to explain this again!!!
  • Wind then moves thy cloud causing thy cloud to rain, hail, or snow depending on what type of weather it is. This is called Precipitation.
  • Mother Nature
  • This stage of the water cycle is called infiltration. It's when water from the surface seeps into the ground, it sucks!Eventually the water becomes groundwater or makes its way back to the ocean.
  • I am the ghost of the woods, this is a natural spring! It's made from melted snow or rain. It eventually finds it's way back to the ocean
  • The end
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