Nyxia by Scott Reintgen

Nyxia  by Scott Reintgen

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  • Nyxiaby: Scott Reintgen
  • I've gathered you all here with a proposition, we here at Babel Inc. want to send you to Eden, an alien planet to mine a new found substance called nyxia.
  • BABEL inc.
  • You all come from poor families, you will be compensated handsomely for your work here. The catch is that only 4 of you are going down, you will compete on board the ship for your spot on Eden.
  • Detroit Hospital
  • Don't worry mom, I'll go to space to get money for better medical treatments for you. I love you.
  • Outer space (Near Planet Earth)
  • We were gathered into a place we didn't know by the man in black, Marcus Defoe. He told us that we were chosen to represent Earth when we went to an alien planet called Eden to meet the Adamites. Nyxia is a very important substance, it's shape can be manipulated by a person's thoughts. Defoe said that the competitions would consist of mostly nyxia manipulations, mining simulations, and hand to hand nyxia combat.
  • Aboard the Genesis 11 Spaceship
  • I'm going to win this thing, and when I do, you're going straight back to Earth.
  • No way! I've beaten you in almost every competition so far. There's no chance that you're going to Eden.
  • pssst.. Emmett. I think we should form and alliance, we could help each other out so we both get to Eden.
  • I knew right away that I needed to go to space. Mom got cancer a couple months ago and her physical condition was deteriorating at a rapid pace. If I could somehow win this thing, I could get mom on the top of the transplant list with the best doctors. Although it broke my heart, I knew I had to leave my family and go to space.
  • Aboard the Genesis 11 Spaceship
  • Everyone, use your thoughts to manipulate the nyxia into a sphere.
  • We launched. Defoe told us that the trip to Eden, staying at Eden, and the trip back would take a total of 3 years. He told us about the Adamites, how they would only allow humans to contact Eden with young people. Defoe said that the Adamites couldn't reproduce anymore. This explained their yearning for some youth on the planet.
  • Outer space (Near Planet Eden)
  • Roathy and I have been fighting and arguing since the beginning. Many people have been. The prize means so much to us and it's anybody's game. Kaya came to me with the proposal of an alliance. I thought about it for a few days, and accepted. It's such fierce competition out there, it will be nice to have friend.
  • Defoe had us competing in competitions every day, mostly nyxia manipulation exercises, Some people were getting the hang of it, others weren't. It was exhausting. The leaderboard read, First-Longwei, Second-Kaya, Third-Emmett (me), Fourth-Jamie, Fifth-Isadora, Sixth-Roathy. Although, there were still more competitions
  • There it was, Eden. Defoe told us that the Adamites were extremely excited to meet us. He said that they were going to allow us to mine nyxia as well as give us a tour of their most spectacular cities and monuments. Although, we were about a month early. Defoe told us this was because he had another surprise in store for us...
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