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Updated: 3/25/2020
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  • I may be at the top of the society, but I have the least political power and is seen as a puppet. - Japan Emperor
  • I have the complete control of the kingdom and I own all the land. Some of the land I give to lords who serve me. Europe- king
  • I am the shogun. I am the actual ruler of Japan/ most powerful. I control all military. I'm next in the feudal system.
  • I'm the daimyo. I come next in the feudal system. I serve the shogun. I control a large area of land and in charge of the samurai.
  • I am a noble. I lease land from the king (manor). I established my own system of justice. And I divide the rest of my land among the knights.
  • I am a samurai. I am next in the feudal system. I am a Japanese warrior that serves, respects, and protects their daimyo. I follow Bushido
  • I am a knight. I am next in the feudal system. The lords give me land. I provide military service when ordered by the king or lord when under attack.
  • I am a peasant/artisan. I am the second to lowest class in Japans feudal system.I produce food that is depended on by all the classes.
  • I am a peasant. I am also the second to last in the feudal system. I work for land and protection. I always showed my loyalty to knights/lords.
  • I am a merchant. I am the lowest class in Japan's feudal system. I am the lowest class because I produce nothing by myself.
  • I am a serf. I am the lowest class in Europe's feudal system. That is because I am always tied to the land. Who owns the land owns me. And where ever the land goes, I go.
  • The End
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