Things Fall Apart Theme: Fate vs Free will

Updated: 10/4/2021
Things Fall Apart Theme: Fate vs Free will

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Theme: Fate vs Free will

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  • Chapter 1
  • “Okonkwo's father, Unoka, died ten years earlier. He was known for being lazy and irresponsible, owing all his neighbors money.”
  • Chapter 4
  • “But the Ibo people have a proverb that when a man says yes his chi says yes also. Okonkwo said yes very strongly; so his chi agreed.”
  • “A man could not rise beyond the destiny of his chi...if a man said yea his chi also affirmed. Here was a man whose chi said nay despite his own affirmation.”
  • Chapter 14
  • “It was a crime against the earth goddess to kill a clansman, and a man who committed it must flee from the land. The crime was of two kinds, male and female. Okonkwo had committed the female because it had been inadvertent. He could return to the clan after seven years…”
  • After Okonkwo's father died, he would be remembered as the lazy man's son. So he wanted to overcome such a reputation and be on the top, unlike his father.
  • Chapter 17
  • “Nwoye keeps his attraction to the new faith a secret, not wishing to anger his father, but he strays near the church and listens to the singing on Sundays.”
  • Okonkwo and the Ibo people believe those who work hard will help your chi bring good luck; but if you are lazy, it would bring you bad luck
  • Chapter 17
  • No man could change his chi. Only if he said yes for the positive feedback. Then, that’s what the chi would correspond to in their destiny.
  • Chapter 20
  • “As the years of exile passed one by one it seemed to him that his chi might now be making amends for the past disaster.”
  • Whenever Okonkwo’s gun accidentally went off and shot one of the clansmen, he was exiled from Umuofia for seven years and Okonkwo blamed his personal god for it rather than himself and believed his god was working against him.
  • Nwoye overcame his fate by going to the church even though his father was heavily against it
  • Okonkwo has blamed his chi on his exile but after those 7 years he is now hoping for his chi to make up all those years he had lost in order to gain back his title