Odyssey book 16
Updated: 1/12/2021
Odyssey book 16

Storyboard Text

  • Telemachus, it's time for you to go home
  • But be warned, those pig-like suitors have a plot to kill you. To avoid them, first first go to Eumaeus
  • Yes ma'am
  • Hey Odysseus, you're here in Ithaca
  • Your wife has a bunch of suitors, and they all want to kill your son. They'll kill you too if they see you. So I'm going to disguise you as an old beggar and send you to Eumaeus's house for a day
  • You know, I was really happy until you mentioned the suitors, but I should probably just do what you say
  • Thanks man
  • Well you're a scraggly looking fellow, but you can stay for a while
  • Hey, lord Telemachus, you want my seat
  • Nah man it's cool, we'll find another
  • Hey Telemachus you're back!!I thought you were going to die
  • Hey Uncle, how is it going!!!!!
  • Have you seen me!! I'm a mess!!
  • Dude, you need to tell your son who you are.
  • I can fix that
  • OK this is much better
  • Nope, there is only one Odysseus, and that's me
  • Sure! sounds like good father son time!
  • Hey, Telemachus, it's me Odysseus
  • It is you!! Say, there are over 100 suitors trashing our place, want to go give the boot!?
  • No this is a trick! You're Dead!