Updated: 2/2/2020
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  • Rolling Friction
  • Let's go roller skating! Thanks to rolling friction I'm allowed to roll on the ground with my sick roller blades, with a little force I can go so FAST!
  • Sliding Friction
  • Oh no! Sliding friction is so rude! Just because i was sliding the road had to scrape my face on the ground
  • Gravity
  • My son made me this "amazing" piece of artwork and gravity wants to pull it to the ground near the garbage
  • Garbage
  • Thanks to rolling friction stacy can do what she loves. The rollerblades rolling on the hard surface. She is able to rolling since the surface isn't soft. When you are using rolling friction you have to least put a little force into it so you can move.
  • Elastic Force
  • After such a long stressful day i just need to relax and put my hair up in a pony tail with my favorite hair tie.
  • Unfortunately Stacy had to get the sliding friction side. Since Stacy fell the motion of the moving body slid across the surface staying still. Once you slide on the ground it slows the person down or object.
  • Elastic Force
  • Stacy puts her sons artwork on the fridge. Since gravity likes to pull things to the center of the earth the picture fell. When the paper falls it goes straight down because it tries to get to the core of the earth.
  • Magnetic Force
  • My daughter made me a better picture than my sons so I'm going to make sure this one stays on the fridge with the best magnet.
  • A hair tie is an example of elastic force. The hair tie would stretch and make a bigger shape to hold the hair.
  • when you use a hair tie you would stretch the hair tie to make the shape bigger to hold your hair. Once you stretch the material it goes back into its shape. The farther you stretch the band the more elastic force it gives.
  • The hair tie really holds my hair in place. Usually it just snaps on me.
  • magnetic force is caused by the motion of the electric charges. The atoms help because atoms have electrons particles that have electric charges. they attracts to things because of the electric motion.
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