Updated: 12/16/2020

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Super bob

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  • OK, number one, water is important to humans because we need it to survive, if we do not have water for even a couple of days weed will die of thirst!
  • hello people! today I will be discussing the answers of today's questions of today's assignments!
  • The reason that water isn't available equally around the world is because that there are places with a lot of water and there are places with not a lot of water for except the desert, desert doesn't have a lot of water, but a rain forest, rain forest has a lot of water, even the water is in the air in a rain forest! But also for the fact that people need water, and there might not be a lot of water in places because people drink all of it, but there could be a lot of water in places where the humankind doesn't devour water like in big cities.
  • The availability of water effects the human population growth because we need it to live, and since we cannot drink salt water, when the population grows the sources of water shrinks, and shrinks and shrinks until there is very little water left because every human needs water
  • If we keep treating water like the way we treat it today, then there could be no more water in the Earth or even on the earth in a few decades, so I think that we should get together and we should come up with the plan to keep water on our Earth, and to keep it in a safe spot, cheer up America, cheer up everybody, we believe in you!
  • Humans are using more than their share because humans could be using it in industrial places, you know to turn it into electricity, or to use it to drink more, so as the human population increases the less water will have, also, because, we waste water a lot. In fact, 900 billion gallons of water is wasted in household leaks worldwide, so I think we should get better on those leaky things and I think that we should invent a better way to keep water in its pipes, don’t you think?
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