Unknown Story
Updated: 2/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • hopefully I can get my father this loan.
  • no I will not be taking you at this moment. ( oliver )
  • I wanted to ask you if I could instead get a non-travelling job.
  • no I cannot do that, this was not a good idea for you to come here, you're fired!
  • I understand that you're just trying to help I know you love me.
  • why did this have to happen.
  • they're arguing
  • what happened father just tell me.
  • Biff is upset with Willy, because Willy constantly discriminates him and Happy for not being successful in business. Willy refuses to listen to Biff, Nor Happy.
  • willy please. you will be regretful some day for your acts, Happy is suffering as well.
  • I'm sick of being humiliated. I'm sick of you being a failure.
  • Billy explains that Willy is to blame for his failure in business. Biff continued to display juvenile behavior and rebelled against Willy's decisions.
  • only you are to blame for my failure, father.
  • complete nonsense!
  • Happy feels as though his efforts are useless and declined togive respect to Willy in any way, same as Biff.
  • I have made my decision. There is nothing left for me. There is no job left for me.
  • Why does father not love me like the way he loves Biff. What have I done wrong ?