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Updated: 2/20/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The Great Depression Begins (1929)
  • Banks Begin to Fail (1930)
  • The Depression Worsens (1931)
  • A lot of things happened during this time of period because the stock market begins to crash and Herbert Hoover became the 31st president of United States that day became know as the "Black Tuesday".
  • Unemployment Rises and Banks Fail (1932)
  • Can I work here?
  • The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act is passed. Many economists say this act contributed to the Great Depression.
  • The First New Deal Begins (1933)
  •  Food riots begin to break out in parts of the United States. Also the Empire State Building is completed.
  • More Laws are Passed (1934)
  • On July 2nd presidential candidate Franklin D. Roosevelt makes his "New Deal" speech. On July 28th The Bonus Army of U.S. veterans march on Washington and demand their bonus pay. They are removed by the U.S. Army by force. Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected president.
  • No you can't!
  • Roosevelt calls for a "bank holiday" where all banks are closed.The Emergency Banking Act becomes law.President Roosevelt gives his first Fireside Chat. He explains the new banking laws.
  • Huey Long, Governor of Louisiana, establishes the "Share Our Wealth" movement.The SEC is established to regulate the stock market.The Corporate Bankruptcy Act becomes law.
  • "Share Our Wealth"
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