Music Summative

Updated: 9/9/2021
Music Summative

Storyboard Text

  • This is the scene in which the ghost enters Aarush's body. In this scene when Aarush goes to sleep . It was a twilight noon. It was rumoured to be one of the most unlucky days, and it was for Aarush. He was possessed.
  • Aarush starts to get aggressive with people . He starts acting strange and very angry for no reason at all. Eden gets very worried for Aarush. He saw Aarush's eye changed colour from brown to black. This was very strange and Eden suspected the Ghost theory
  • *Grunting*
  • Aaursh eventually stopped talking. All he did was nod his head right to left. When Eden Confronted him Aarush punched him and threw a chair across the room. Eden knew that a ghost possessed him. After all it was the day after twilight noon.
  • *Ringing* Hello Please help me. My friend is possessed by a ghost!!
  • Yes hello, my name is Ahaan I am a professional exorcist. I will come asap.
  • The plan works successfully. The ghost success, the ghost was removed from the body. Ahaan and Eden saw the ghost float away back into the sky like a butterfly. They were just happy to have their friend back.