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Sheryl Holmes : The Dead Senator
Updated: 3/26/2020
Sheryl Holmes : The Dead Senator
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Storyboard Description

Sheryl Holmes is the best private detective in the biz. One day while walking home from work she discovers the dead Senator. She has a hunch about who killed him as much as it pains her she knows exactly who it is. Now all Sheryl has to do is find out why. Holmes has a plan, will it work though.

Storyboard Text

  • Crime Scene
  • Suspected Murder Weapon
  • Senator BrownDeceased
  • Mrs. BrownSpouseSuspect
  • I'm Sheryl Holmes a private detective for the NYPD. I was on my way home from a long day at work. I was looking forward to a nice cup of tea when I saw him Senator Brown was laying on the ground dead as a doornail. I knew then I was never going to get that cup of tea.
  • By the time the police reached the crime scene it was dawn and I was exhausted, but I was determined to find out who had killed the senator he and his wife were good friends of mine. I told the police exactly what I saw which was a dead senator. While they were busy talking I started analyzing the body and as soon as I took a closer look I knew exactly who killed the Senator
  • I bet you're wondering how I figured it out so quick, lets just say my brain is not like the averages person. Back to the case, the person who killed the Senator was none other than the wife herself. The real question was why and I intented to find out.
  • I made my plan to visit the Mrs. Brown and tell her about her husband's death. I would then proceed to ask her questions until she couldn't do anything but confess problem solved.
  • Mrs. Brown explained to me that she and her husband were in a very heated argument, she took it to far and shot him with his own gun. She didn't want it to happen, but she knew he was dead so she put his body in the car and dragged him under the bridge to make it look like some hobo had killed him. She was truly sorry, but there was nothing I could do, but arrest her for the murder of her own husband. 
  • I bet you're wondering how I knew it was Mrs. Brown, lets just say she felt bad for what she did and left her husband a little I'm sorry kiss and she was wearing the shade Midnight Purple. Well thats another case solved for Sheryl Holmes. Now I might just get that cup of tea.
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