my life as a student

Updated: 11/14/2020
my life as a student

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  • Ah, it's Monday, again. New set of modules. I'm not even done with last week's... Great.
  • Yes, mom. I'll be in there in 5 minutes!
  • Paula, wake up! It is already 8 am. Get down in the kitchen when you're ready!
  • You think not eating breakfast is good for you?! This is going to be the last time. You have to start eating breakfast tomorrow. Understand?!
  • No, ma... I'm good. I'm still full for last night's dinner.
  • Yes, ma...
  • Shoot. I forgot to read my modules last night. How am I supposed to keep up with the discussion for today?
  • It is Monday again. Weekend just occurred so fast. It seems to Paula that Saturday and Sunday did not even happened at all. Since it is a new week, Paula has to answer a new set of modules provided though she is not yet finished with the last ones.
  • So, how was your online class?
  • It's okay, mom. I can still manage...
  • Paula's mother asked her to come to the kitchen to eat breakfast but she only said that she was still full from their last night's dinner. In return, her mom reprimanded her for not eating breakfast everyday.
  • Paula, I will be running some errands for now. Lock the door. I'll be back before 6 pm, okay?
  • Okay, ma. Take care!
  • While preparing herself for their online discussion, she realized that she was not able to read or even scan her new set of modules last night. With worries of not being able to catch up with the discussion, she proceeded anyway.
  • Why are you crying?
  • Just take it easy, anak. Everything's going to be okay.
  • I still have a lot of things to finish. I feel like I'm being... pressured.
  • I hope so, ma...
  • During their lunch, her mom asked her about their discussion. According to Paula, everything is still under control. After eating their lunch, her mom reminded her to wash the dishes.
  • After eating, wash the dishes right away hmm?
  • Yes, ma...
  • While washing their dishes, her mom excused herself to run some important errands outside. She also reminded Paula to take precautionary measures like locking their door. Her mom has always been this nervous every time Paula is alone in their house.
  • At 6 pm, her mom arrived on their house only to find Paula crying all by herself. Paula told her mom that she still has a lot of things to do for the last weeks' set of module. With this, her mom assured her that everything is going to be okay, soon.