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Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Vitamin D
  • I am a steroid vitamin that promotes metabolism and the absorption of calcium and phosphorus!
  • I can regulate mood swings
  • Benefits
  • I can reduce your risks of depression
  • I can fight off diseases
  • Functions
  • healthy bones proper absorption of minerals helps balance blood pressure reduces diabetic risks
  • Food Sources
  • *certain cereals*fatty fish*egg yolks*mushrooms*orange juice*ricotta (cheese)*caviar (fish eggs)
  • deficiency effects & toxicity effects
  • -mood changes-bone loss-muscle cramps-bone pain-joint pain-fatigue
  • -abdominal pain-nausea-vomiting-calcium crystals that affect your liver,kidney and lungs
  • ~sunshine has to reach bare skin to produce vitamin D~sunscreen absorbs UV light and prevents it from reaching the skin
  • Functions