Updated: 1/26/2021

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  • This is Daniel, he is nervous cause he wants to find Luke, the person he wants to find is a bully, but what happens next? Will Daniel get his revenge on his bully.
  • I hope i find luke.
  • As daniel was planing something Luke was taking his food but Daniel seemed scared, but maybe he was tricking Luke into thinking that he was afraid of him but when Luke ate the food his stomach didn't feel good what's happening he said.
  • No please don't take away my food
  • He-y Luke
  • What are you doing here?
  • you know what, it doesn't matter, GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR FOOD!
  • It seems that Daniel put laxatives in his food, he felt happy to see his bully in pain. The bully ran to the washroom cause of the laxatives, it was too much to handle, but then.
  • I put... laxatives, HAHAHAHAHA!
  • I wonder whats for diner?
  • Do you know what you have done!? You could have hurt him!
  • The teacher caught him! She was yelling at him, meanwhile he was wondering what was for supper. The kids outside started laughing at the teacher for getting him in trouble.
  • Daniel was going home until Luke saw him and wanted his revenge. Luke pulled out a knife, he was gonna stab or kill Daniel! And after that nobody found the both of them all they saw was blond hair and black hair on the ground
  • It was just a joke calm down!
  • Now im going to get my revenge
  • My comic reflex a third person limited, It said what the author knows how the characters feel or think.
  • TheEnd