The dangerous game
Updated: 8/29/2018
The dangerous game
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  • exposition
  • turning point
  • rising action
  • Rainsford and Whitney are traveling to Rio. They are going jaguar hunting. they past by a island called ship trap island.
  • climax
  • Rainsford goes to bed to go to sleep and hears gunshots. Rainsford gets up and runs to the railing. then he climbs over the railing and drops hi pipe and tries to catch it and falls in the water.
  • falling action
  • Rainsford swims over to the island and falls asleep. rainsford wakes up to go find some food and finds a chateau. rainsford goes to the chateau and knocks on the door and a giant named ivan answers. than a man named zaroff invites him to dinner.
  • resolution
  • rainsford and zaroff are eating and they are are talking about a hunting game. zaroff and rainsford start to talk about this game and zaroff tells rainsford that he hunts humans. zarof explains what happens when someones denies to play the game.
  • .Rainsford agrees to play the game. Zaroff gives rainsford some hunting clothes. After rainsford and zaroff get done eating the go to bed to gets some rest for the big game tomorrow.
  • rainsford and Zaroff gets up and talks about the game. Zaroff gives rainsford an hour head start. rainsford hides and zaroff about finds him but dosent and leaves for the next day to try to find him. Rainsford goes to this swamp type place and makes a trap. then leaves and jumps into the water and hides and then comes back the next day and kills zaroff.
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