Marbury v. Madison and the Significance of the Judicial Review
Updated: 4/1/2020
Marbury v. Madison and the Significance of the Judicial Review
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  • The Supreme Court gets to decide what is constitutional when there is a clash between a law of Congress and the Constitution because of the principle of judicial review.
  • We are the Founding Fathers.
  • I am appointing the "Midnight Judges" so Federalists can control the courts.
  • John Adams
  • Midnight Judges: A small group of judges.
  • I am not a Federalist, but I will take over as president.
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • William Marbury is a Would-be Midnight Judge. At this point, political tensions are high.
  • I have never received my papers for when I appointed to be a Justice of the Peace!
  • I refuse to deliver the commission to you!
  • The Federalist paper, number seventy-eight, highlights the role of the courts established in this case.Writ of Mandamus: An order to do something.
  • That does it! I want the Supreme Court to force James Madison to deliver my commission!
  • I will ask them for a Writ of Mandamus!
  • I am entitled to my commission!
  • The Supreme Court needed to make a decision.
  • It is unconstitutional for the Supreme Courts to issue writs.
  • Judicial review strongly supports the constitutional principle of checks and balances and brings about a greater balance among all three branches.
  • Judicial Review: The ability of the courts to review congressional laws, actions taken by the president, and laws and actions of the states for constitutionality.
  • I am Chief Justice John Marshall and I established the principle of judicial review!
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