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Unknown Story
Updated: 4/3/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Stock Market Crash
  • What is happening, There is a Stock Market Crash.
  • We are going to lose all our money. What are we going to do now.
  • Hoovervilles
  • My husband, where is he, I don't think he can find a job at this time.
  • Unemployment
  • I am sorry but there is no space for you to take a job. I am very sorry.
  • What O come on, that is not fair. I have to serve my family for survival.
  • The people were really shocked and surprised because they found out that there was a stock market crash that led to a lot of terrible stuff. First the people lost all their money and all of their jobs. Second, people had to migrate and find other homes.
  • Banks
  • I am very sorry, but it seems like the bank has lost all the money it used to have.
  • Wo wo wo, your saying that I am going to live in a poor way. I have to serve my family for survival.
  • My kids are going to die soon, we have nothing else to do, the dust is covering up every thing.
  • When people lost their money, they went to migrate and got other homes that were made of mud and wood. Even the Rich lost their money and house. Also, they did not get that much food to eat, all they got was a sandwich and coffee.
  • Dust Bowl
  • My whole family is hungry including me, my kids are going to die soon, we need help.
  • When people tried to get jobs, there was no space for them. Some of them died during the tragity. which is why this is called black tuesday. This is also called the Great Depression.
  • The Great Migration
  • What are we going to do now, We might as well die hear without water or food, we need help, lots of help, Please.
  • I am very tired, how long is it going to take. I am starting to get hungry. And my two kids died from hunger.
  • When wanted their money back, the found out that the banks had also lost all the money it used to have. They also got really really upset. But hey never gave up.
  • Even the children got really hungrey. But died because of them not getting enough food. Also parents that lost all the money had to wait in lines to get food for their families.
  • When their kids died, they had nothing to do but migrate again to find better places to live. They also sometimes got sick and died from diseases while migrating.
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