Audrey Podratz lumber industry
Updated: 4/23/2020
Audrey Podratz lumber industry

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  • Hi! My name is Peter and this is my wife Amelia. I have a son and a daughter who's names are Noah and Emma.
  • We also have a dog named Axel.
  • In 1880 a poor family lived in a small house in Mora. They recently moved to Minnesota so that the father, Peter, could go to a lumber camp and work.
  • Peter headed towards a lumber camp in Hinckley, Minnesota to find a job and make money for his family. Lumberjacks only got paid about 80c to 90c a day.
  • Peter then went to his first day of work to find out what lumbering is all about. They cut down white pine trees with axes. On his first day he worked for almost 11 hours!
  • They would put the logs in the river to transport them. Sometimes the logs got jammed in the river and someone had to go out with a rope tied around their waste and unjam the logs. This was a very dangerous job and people were killed by it.
  • Over time they became more efficient with their logging by using saws instead of axes. They would also use tools that would help the trees fall down in the direction they wanted. They also used trains to transport the logs to the sawmills in places like Stillwater and Minneapolis.
  • All of the logs were built for homes, buildings, shops, and many more things. Back at the lumber camps women were not usually found because most of the time they would be at home cooking, cleaning, or washing clothes.
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