Unknown Story
Updated: 3/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • It was hard, but we managed to drive out the Indians. I reported to Commander Rafe, “The frontier defense was a success". Excellent work you two”. The Commander told us we were dismissed. A few weeks later, Juan and I were ranked up to Lieutenant, and Commander Rafe gave us medals to show we were above the rest.
  • Commander Rafe gave Juan and I new uniforms. It was black, gold, and red. I said, “This is an amazing uniform designed by Commander Rafe ”. Juan responded,” I really like it”. Commander Rafe gave us a break after all of that hard work. I asked Juan,” What are you going to do after all of this is over”? Juan told me,” Well, I think I want to be mayor”. “Mayor”?
  • M.Mayor?
  • Um, I think I want to be mayor.
  • For a second there I thought he was playing around, but he wasn’t kidding. “That's going to take huge responsibility, are you sure about this Juan”? Then Juan responded,” I’m really serious about this”. Juan had a daring look on his face, and it looks like he ain’t playing a prank on me. Since what happened at the Alamo, and the Rio Crossing, it looks like we have been through alot. I told Juan,”Alright Juan I’m not going to stop you then”. Then Juan responded,” Thanks, you have been a true friend to me”.