Corona virus

Updated: 5/19/2020
Corona virus

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  • Oh Jeff, it's nothing, just a back pain.
  • Olivia, are you ok? Do you want me to give you a test?
  • Oh ok, you scared me, I thought you have been infected.
  • Sorry, i didn't mean to. I know how serious it is.
  • Yes, since the coronavirus has mutated, everything has been worse. Infected people began to become aggressive and attack everyone they saw as if the virus had taken them.
  • We have lost so many people, it is so unfair.
  • You are right, all those doctors, nurses, families destroyed by this disease.
  • But the few of that that remain must be strong.
  • That's right, as we started, we must finish, having faith that we will get out of this.
  • Well yes, but you fed me up, get out of my way
  • Oh no, calm down, come take the test
  • I'm not infected, just move