My Journey Through the Water Cycle (2)
Updated: 3/30/2020
My Journey Through the Water Cycle (2)

Storyboard Text

  • Ok, I think I get this whole process now. So, I was on the glacier, and because of the Sun I melted and flowed down into the soil. Then, gravity pulled me further into the soil, and now I am here in the ground as groundwater. "Ya, kid great job. Now we're gonna go into a lake. Ugh I never get to rest" Said a grumpy droplet.
  • Oh wow this is such a beautiful lake! So, let me guess after we become groundwater we flow into the lake, and become water in the lake. "You got the right idea, but are missing one key word." Said the grumpy droplet. "Really, I don't think so." I said in return. " See this process is called discharge. It is when us groundwater come back to Earth's surface, and flow into a collection area like a lake." The Old grump explained. "Wow, thank you so much. That really meant a lot to me." I thanked. "Well, that meant nothing to me. See you never!" The grumpy droplet yelled.
  • Oh no! I don't want to evaporate, and turn into a gas again. "Hi, there. Did you just say you didn't want to evaporate, because I can help you if you don't want to evaporate." The deer said. " How can you help me?" I asked. " Well you see I can just drink you, and then after a while I probably will have to . . . you know . . . drain out and you will be outside of me, and you will be back on your journey of the water cycle. * Drinks the droplet*
  • "Okay your out knows, or in smart words *Smirks* excrete." The deer said. "what does excrete mean?" I asked. " It means when animal like me expels its waste product." The Deer explained. "Ok so I guess I'm gonna continue me journey now. It was nice to meet you." I said. "You too, bye!" The Deer exclaimed.
  • Something is weird. The last time I was on the soil I was adsorbed by the soil. Right now I'm not getting absorbed I'm just rolling down the soil. "That happens when the soil is saturated. Before you ask saturated is whens something gets thoroughly soaked with some type of liquid, and can't absorb anymore. In your case the soil absorbed too much water so it can't absorb you, so instead you just roll off the soil." The flower explained. " Oh my, Sunflower I thought I was never going to see you again!" I exclaimed. "Its nice to see you again as well. Now go on you have a water cycle to do." The flower said. "Hopefully, we will meet again. Bye!" I said.
  • Now, I think I have understood the whole water cycle. I have also made so many new friends. Now that I am in the river, and the sun shining on me. I am not afraid of evaporating anymore, and going on with the water cycle. Oh I guess I'm evaporating again. I wonder where I'm gonna go to this time?The End