The story of Buddhism

Updated: 5/22/2020
The story of Buddhism

Storyboard Text

  • Prince Siddhartha’s birth
  • The Prince’s royal life
  • The Prince discovers three forms of suffering
  • Prince Siddhartha was born in a garden and he could already walk and talk.
  • The Prince becomes an ascetic
  • When Prince Siddhartha was 16, he married a young noblewoman and they had a baby when the prince was 29
  • The Prince becomes the Buddha
  • During Prince Siddhartha and his chariot driver’s trip, they saw 3 forms of suffering. They saw 3 men, one was old, the other was sick, and the other one was dead.
  • The Buddha’s teachings
  • I ate a goat.
  • Kill that sheep!
  • One night, Prince Siddhartha went into a forest to remove his robe, jewels, and sandals. He also cut off his hair with a knife, put on a simple robe, and kept a small bowl for alms (gifts of food)
  • Prince Siddhartha put some grass at the foot of the Bodhi tree also known as a the enlightenment tree. He vowed to meditate under the tree until he had enlightenment.
  • Buddhism had the 4 noble truths and the eightfold path. The 4 noble truths is the idea that everything changes. One of the things the noble truths said is that suffering is caused by wants and desires. The eightfold path had things you should do such as not lying or working at a job that causes harm to people or animals.