8 Major Events of The Trojan War
Updated: 1/30/2020
8 Major Events of The Trojan War
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Falhad Osman

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  • Agagmemnon and Melenus Declare War on Troy.
  • The Trojans stole my Helen brother help me destroy the Trojans?
  • We Shall take down the Trojans little brother. Tell my Chiefs we are going to war !
  • Trojan War Draft
  • Odysseus you have been summoned to war By Agamemnon.
  • Achilles I know that is you we have been summoned to war.
  • Achilles leaves the battle
  • Give me back my women or else I won't fight.
  • Not until you listen to my orders I'll keep her.
  • Menelaus asks his brother Agamemnon for help to take down the Trojans which he agrees to do now with the help of his brother they have a fighting chance to take down Troy who have one of the strongest army.
  • Patroclus gets killed by Hector
  • Your not Achilles !
  • No I'm Patroclus ?
  • Odysseus tries not to go to war by acting like he is crazy. Achilles dress up as a woman but both get caught and forced into war. With Achilles being the best warrior in Greek and Odysseus the smartest the Greek have a strong army to fight the Trojans.
  • Achilles vs Hector
  • Agamemnon steals Achilles women which makes Achilles made he tells him if he doesn't get her back he won't fight Agamemnon doesn't listen and without Achilles they start to lose.
  • Trojan Horse and fall of troy
  • Wooden horse
  • Patroclus had taken Achilles Armor so everyone thought that Achilles had returned to battle. Then Hector had fought Patroclus and killed him. This had angered Achilles and made him return to battle.
  • I didn't know it was your cousin
  • Achilles has killed the Trojans best warrior Hector now they can take the battle to Troy's doors.
  • You Killed my friend now die !
  • Odysseus plan to make a Wooden Horse and give it to the Trojans as a gift but secretly have men inside to get inside Troy
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