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Updated: 3/31/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Steve Brand
  • Important Quote: "Wait a minute . . . wait a minute! Let’s not be a mob!"
  • Character Actions: tries to forget all the monster kick and tries to control mob.
  • Traits or Qualities: Leader, Peacemaker, tries to control mob.
  • Physical Description: Has loud voice and has wavy hair. His eyes are black.
  • Charlie
  • Traits or Qualities: open-minded, not genuine
  • Important Quote: "He comes walkin’ out of the darkness—how am supposed to know who he was?"
  • Character Actions: kills Pete Van Horn because he thought he was the monster.
  • Physical Description: fat, yellow hair, and has blue eyes.
  • Les Goodman
  • Traits or qualities: calm, cooperative
  • Important Quote: "So I’ve got a car that starts by itself—well, that’s a freak thing, I admit it."
  • Character Actions: Shocked that his car started by itself and tells the mob not to come any more closer.
  • Physical Description: he has yellow hair, white skin, and black eyes.
  • Tommy
  • Important Quote: "They don’t want us to leave. That’s why they shut everything off."
  • Character Actions: Scaring the mob by telling them there are monsters that are causing the madness.
  • Traits and Qualities: scaring the mob, scared, and worried
  • Pete Van Horn
  • Traits and Qualities: bold, leader, cooperative, and brave.
  • Important Quotes: "See if the power’s still on on Floral Street. I’ll be right back!"
  • Character Actions: Goes to see if the power is still on in Floral Street.
  • Don Martin
  • Traits or Qualities: stubborn, bold
  • Important Quote: "Pete Van Horn! He was just gonna go over to the next block to see if the power was on—"
  • Character Actions: Carries a shotgun to Steve and Charlie
  • Physical Description: orange hair, kid, talks about monsters that freak people out.
  • Physical Description: tall, thin man, yellow hair, and blue eyes.
  • Physical Description: Has dark skin, gray hair, and black eyes.
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