Mermaids! Part 3

Updated: 5/20/2020
Mermaids! Part 3

Storyboard Text

  • Come on, were almost there!
  • Okay!
  • Wait! Let's go to the shipwreck over there! It looks not-bori-I mean interesting, like everything else here totally, for-real is.
  • Finally! Some for-real action!
  • AAWWW!
  • Hi little Fishies!
  • Seriously?
  • Okay. Bye little fishies!
  • Bye Bye!
  • Umm... can we go now?
  • This can't be boring!
  • Here we are!
  • Poseidon's palace!
  • Hey everyone! It's good to see you again! You've met Bill. And this is my daughter, Suzina.
  • Hi!
  • This is cool! I think i'll like mermaids after all! Maybe I can even impress them and become friends with them!
  • You mean Mermie, mom