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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/1/2019
Unknown Story
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  • The goverment is getting out of control with all these taxes.
  • I agree!
  • I dont want to work here no more. A group of peole harassed me while working in the paper shop.
  • Hey! Did you hear what happened? 5 people died in the hands of the Red coats.
  • Oh no! we should do something about this!
  • Britan was in a Recession War which caused the government to put taxes on a lot of items so they can pay back their debt. The colonists did not like this or agree with what they were doing. People started protesting and speaking up, but the government continued to taxes them for more and more items. This was very frustrating to them, and this lead to the Stamp act and Boston Tea Party.
  • Sons of Liberty was a secret organization ran by colonists that did not agree with what the government was doing. There first big protest was with the Stamp Act. They would protests in the streets in large groups trying to bring attention to it. They even harassed the people who worked in those stores so they would quite, making the Stamp Act shut down. They also played a part in the Boston Tea Party, where several of there members boarded the ships and dumped the tea into the water.
  • The Boston massacre helped unite colonies against Britain. This started out as a minor fight and slowly over the years it became bigger. Finally they had enough of it and that was there turning/breaking point. This helped colonist want independence since the governmnet wanted more and more control over taxes and colonies.
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