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Updated: 10/21/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Exposition
  • Need a haircut, Greaser?
  • Rising Actions
  • Johnny, I think I'm going to be sick.
  • I killed him, I killed that boy.
  • Rising Actions
  • In the back, I guess.
  • Where are the kids?
  • n the beginning of the story Ponyboy was coming home after he watched a movie because he likes to go to the movies alone. After that while he was thinking about and introducing the gangmembers and his rivalry when he was jumped by the Socs, while he was threatened to cut his hair by the Socs his brothers came and beat up the Socs to help Ponyboy. After then he came to meet his gang.This is the exposition because Ponyboy explains his life and introduced his gang to the readers and his main conflict.
  • Climax
  • Then, the greasers picked up the Socs's girls which led to the Socs becoming angry at the greasers, this then led to when Ponyboy and Johnny were hiding at the park the Socs came and they were drunk so they started a fight with Ponyboy and Johnny where it led to Johnny murdering a Soc. This is part of the rising action because this later led to the climax which is the conflict being intense in the story..
  • Falling action
  • Damn it, Johnny..
  • Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold...
  • After that, Johnny and Ponyboy escaped from town with guidance from Dally, Johnny realised After that, Johnny and Ponyboy ran away from town with guidance from Dally, Johnny later realised hiding will do no good so when Dally met up with the boys Johnny wanted to turn himself in. When they were going home they found that their hideout was on fire with civilians in it so they tried helping the injured but they ended up hurting themselves, when Ponyboy woke up he realised was seriously injured. Darry and Sodapop came to pick up Ponyboy so he can prepare for the rumble with the Socs This is part of rising action as it leads to the climax later.
  • Resolution
  • Paul Newman and a ride home...
  • Then, the Socs and Greasers fight in the rumble. This is the climax of the story because the conflict gets resolved later.
  • I thought you were in the hospital!
  • I was, I ain't now
  • After the rumble, Ponyboy was told Johnny is going to die and he arrived at the hospital, he heard Johnny's last words before he died. Dally was mad after Johnny died so he shot up a store but died after the police shot himThis is a falling actions because the conflict was resolved.
  • After the events happened, Ponyboy changed and he became more violent and his grades are falling. He received a note from Johnny's doctor telling Dally there is still good in the world. Ponyboy decided to write his life for his essay.
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