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Updated: 11/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Box 1
  • I'm going to talk about Saturn today!!!
  • He's telling the truth tho
  • Box 2
  • I'm the 2nd biggest planet in our solar system, and you can fit 11 earths inside of me!!! Yup that's me talking hahahaha?!
  • WHAT!!!!!!!! YOU CAN TALK!!!
  • Ummm hello peanut.
  • Box 3
  • I'm an outer planet too. HEY I HAVE FELLINGS YA KNOW!!!!
  • You wern't lying you can fit more I think
  • My name is Eduardo and my planet is Saturn.
  • Box 4
  • You think I lyed Saturn never lies.
  • Come back here deer and don't do this please thanks you?.!
  • (Saturn) was discovered in 1610 unbelievable right?!
  • Box 5
  • YAAAAAAHOOOO you should spin like meeeeeee
  • Saturn is an outer planet and its neighbors are Jupeter and Uranus.
  • Box 6
  • Saturn is 75,000 miles and has 60 moons.
  • Saturn is mostly hydrogen and helium, Saturn is 288 degrees.
  • I warned you!
  • Did you know that Saturn is the most flattest planet? Did you know that Saturn's ring is actually made of ice chucks and rocks?
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