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Updated: 2/28/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Chapter 1
  • all I do is get fifty for him
  • Chapter 2
  • dat Buck heem pool lak fury
  • Chapter 3
  • One devil dat spitz
  • Buck is a part St. Bernard and part Scotch Shepard owned by Judge Miller. When there is no guard around the gardener takes Buck. Then they bring Buck to Seattle and they sell him to Perrault and Francois they treated buck poorly. The tone angry
  • Chapter 4
  • In chapter 2 Buck meets another dog Curly and is treated very well Buck also sees snow for the first time. Buck also learns to become a sled dog and they travel north to Klondike.
  • Chapter 5
  • Buck is tough and quiet. But gets frustrated when he finds spitz in his sleeping spot. Buck becomes furious and fights Spitz. Francois and Perrault defend them off with clubs. The team travels through horrendous conditions. The mood is furious.
  • Chapter 6/7
  • woof woof
  • The two men see Buck as an excellent leader.He is a good thinker and has good instincts.He helps other dogs fit in to the pack. Tone is happiness
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  • In chapter 5 Buck is exhausted when he and the team reaches Skagway. There Hal and Charles take over on the team.They travel to Mercedes on limited food. The reason why is the sled weighs to much. When they reach Mercedes they are exhausted. The tone is exhausting
  • He looks exhausted
  • In chapter 6 and 7 Buck meets John Thornton those two had an instant connection. Each of them had each others back. John Thornton helped Buck and Buck helped him.
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