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Updated: 12/7/2020
Unknown Story

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  • You are a terrible family! No one wants the be friends with you!
  • two houses, two family, one big revival
  • OH please. Your family is nothing. ‼️
  • romeo talks to juliet than flirts and kisses each other after the party
  • OMG! how beautiful, im in love!!!
  • romeo and juliet find a plan where they can marry each other without anyone knowing.
  • i love you forever. We should get married!
  • so we keep it a secret...
  • We cant! our families hate each other!
  • romeo and juliet get married in secret, friar lawrence marries them
  • i pronounce you husband and wife!
  • juliet parents tell her she has to marry paris, so she makes up a plan to fake her death (than she writes a letter explaining what shes doing to romeo
  • i will fake my death!
  • juliet fakes her death romeo sees she's dead (doesn't know the plan and kills himself because he thought she was dead
  • NO!!! i shall kill myself...
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