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Updated: 3/21/2020
storyboard 2

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  • this is showing physical abuse as well as imitation as he is making Lucy timid and is trying to isolate Lucy from her family.
  • he threatens violence if she does that again. lucy wants to tell someone but she is too scared
  • if you ever act like that again i will hurt you and your family!
  • why do i let him control me ,i feel so powerless like i have no purpose
  • this affects lucys social, spiritual and emotional health
  • this showcases emotional abuse as Lucy has lost her confidence in herself and mentally she doesn't think she is good enough
  • OMG i have just been offered the job i have always dreamed of... i'm not going to take it
  • Lucy doesn't take the job because bob always puts her down an now she has lost this aspiration.
  • if he doesn't think i am good enough no one will
  • this affects lucys spiritual and mental health
  • this affects lucys physical and emotional health
  • this showcases physical abuse as well as not haing respect as bobby is not talking to lucy right
  • that night...
  • Bobby comes in drunk and he is using verbal abuse against lucy. He then hurts her
  • what please dont hurt me!
  • your so lazy you never do anything
  • all of lucy dimentions of health have been impacted in this relationship an it will be hard for her to ever recvover
  • these negative characteristics in the relationship made it very toxic and harmful and has physical and emotionally hurt Lucy
  • why did i let him do this to me, he manipulates me. but i am too scared to leave